Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June's One Wish

          June sat at her desk at school, drawing a family picture. As usual, she was sitting on her dad’s knee, and he had his arm around her mother’s shoulders. Her older sister, Cameron, was standing behind them, in the gap between her parents’ heads, her arms draped around both parents. This was what June wished was real, the one thing that she ever really wanted. In reality, she barely ever got to spend any time with her family. The only real time they spent as a family was around the dinner table every night. Even then, her father had his laptop next to him on the chair, her mother was arguing with someone from her office, and Cameron was always texting her friend Julia. Her parents were so occupied with their own things that sometimes they didn’t even check to see if June was finished with her food before leaving the table, and it made June so sad that she didn’t feel like eating most of her food.

 Once in a blue moon, their mother would put her phone down to ask about how the kid’s day had gone. Cameron would just mutter fine and go back to her texting, but June would leap at the opportunity and start recounting the day’s events. She would barely say more than a sentence, when her mom’s phone would ring, and she would motion for June to be silent again.

Every day was the same in their house. Their parents would wake up and leave before June and Cameron even woke up. Cameron would wake up June, hand her the lunch money their parent’s left out for them, and drop her off in school, which was a block away. Then Cameron would head off to her High School, which was right next to June’s Elementary School, and come back after to pick her up. During both trips though, Cameron never once spoke to June, except to tell her to wait or slow down. June always felt very unloved and unimportant because of this, and always wished things could be different. She wished her family could be as happy and close as the one she had drawn in her family picture.

One day, June and the rest of her third grade class were going on a field trip. They were going to an aquarium to observe the fish, since they were studying them in school. June was very excited to go, but was also very sad that her parents did not volunteer to come along. All of the kids got onto a school bus; June sat next to her best friend Sage, whose mom was coming along with them. After an hour’s drive, they arrived and all got out. June was amazed at how huge the building was. It was bigger than their school and Cameron’s school put together! She felt very small compared to it, and was happy that her teacher was near her.

All the kids went inside and started their tour of the place. They looked at all of the different types of fish; angel fish, tuna fish, and even some sharks! Then they went to see what June was most waiting for, the dolphins! June was mesmerized by the dolphins and how graceful they were. They leaped and swam and grabbed fish out of a worker’s hand. June stood there staring at them for so long, she didn’t notice that her class was moving on to a different spot! Everyone was so busy looking at the different fish that no one noticed June wasn’t in the group. When June finally tore her eyes away from the fish, she was all alone. She suddenly felt very scared, and set off to find the group. What she did not know was that she was going the wrong way.

After walking around in circles for what felt like hours, June arrived back at the dolphin enclosure. She was very tired and by now, tears were running down her cheeks. She felt so alone and forgotten. She didn’t think she would ever find her classmates or her teacher ever again. She wandered to the railing surrounding the dolphin enclosure. As she was leaning on the railing, a big family with a lot of children came past her. The kids were all running around. Before June knew what was happening, one of the kids shoved another who came and ran into June. She catapulted over the railing and fell headfirst into the thirty foot deep dolphin pool! June tried her hardest to stay afloat, but she didn’t know how to swim, and started sinking! As she sank, she could see blurry shapes above the water running around. Finally, she could no longer hold her breath. The last thing she saw before passing out was the dolphins swimming around her.

When June finally woke up, she was at home in her bed. At first she thought that the whole thing might have just been a dream, but then she realized that her family was all around her bed. Yet, there was not a phone or laptop in sight. When June’s family realized that she was awake, they all started crying. Her parents told her how scared they were that they might have lost their daughter if someone hadn’t rescued her. They had now realized how they should have paid more attention to both their kids. Cameron promised June that she would be a much better bigger sister from now on. They all became much closer together, and would stay that way for the rest of their lives. June’s one wish finally came true.


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