Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Princess and the Fox Fur Cape

There once was a princess, by the name of Evangeline. She was very lovely, but her beauty was coupled with a strong sense of vanity. She believed that she was the most beautiful woman who had ever lived. One day, she was struck with an idea. She thought that it would add to her beauty to have a fox fur cape around her slender shoulders.

She sent her father’s best archer into the woods, and told him to shoot a fox with a sleek, shiny coat. The archer went out into the woods surrounding the kingdom and saw a sleeping fox, lying curled up inside a log. The archer pulled out and arrow, and shot the fox right through the eye. He carefully skinned the fox and brought the fur back to the palace, where the royal seamstress turned it into a cape for the vain princess.

The next morning, back in the woods, the dead fox’s lover woke up inside the log. Seeing that the other fox was not there, she grew worried. She started to search, day after day, but could not find her love. Eventually, her search brought her to the palace, where she spotted Evangeline, who was wearing the fox fur cape. When the fox saw her true love draped casually around the princess’s shoulders, anger and hatred boiled up inside of her. She cursed Evangeline, saying that since the she had taken the fox’s true love away, the princess’s true love would no longer love her. Then, broken-hearted, the fox scampered away.

Evangeline had not seen the other fox, so she had no idea that a curse had been placed on her. For this reason, she was even more shocked when Sir Henry, one of her father’s knights, who had been courting her for weeks now because of her beauty, came out and told her that he no longer wished to be with her. She was very hurt, but could not give him up, so she decided to set a trap for him. She would slip him a love potion, and they would be together forever! She immediately ran up to the room where her father’s alchemist kept all of his potions. Once the princess got there however, she noticed a mirror and, being so vain, could not avert her eyes from her reflection. She was so occupied with her image that she did not notice which bottle she grabbed, and took the poison by mistake!

Evangeline, not realizing her mistake, went out to search for Sir Henry, and invited him on a horseback ride through the woods, and he politely accepted, for it would be rude to refuse. After they had ridden for a few hours, Evangeline offered Sir Henry a drink, which he eagerly accepted, for he was very parched. The princess had mixed what she believed was the love potion into the drink, and was feeling very pleased. That feeling was immediately replaced by shock and dread when Sir Henry started choking, fell off of his horse, and started twitching on the ground! Evangeline pulled out the potion bottle and examined it closer, horrified when she realized that it was poison, not love potion. She fell to the ground next to Sir Henry and started to sob over his dead body.

After many hours had passed, the fox lover came by and saw the princess. The fox felt pity for the girl, for she herself had experienced the feeling of losing her true love forever. The fox came up to Evangeline and confessed about how she had placed a curse on the princess for killing her lover. Then she told the princess about a riddle that would make a potion that would return Sir Henry to his true, living form. It went like this:

“To revive the one who is no more
You need to gather these things four
A splash of blood from his true love
Essence from what brought his demise
A feather from the wing of a white dove
Tears from the girl as she cries
When gathered together it will transform
 And he will return in his true form”

            The princess realized she had no other choice if she wanted to keep Sir Henry with her forever. First she needed something to make this potion in. She noticed a large rock near her, with an indent in it that was full of her tears from before. Evangeline went over to it and added a drop of the poison to her tears. The liquid in the rock sizzled and turned deep purple. She then opened her mouth and sang. Her sweet voice, something else she was vain about, attracted many birds, including white doves. The princess sang higher and higher, until finally one of the doves close to her exploded in a burst of blood and feathers. Evangeline plucked the largest and most beautiful feather and dropped in the rock. The potion now turned pale pink and started foaming.

            Lastly, she needed the blood. She went back to Sir Henry’s immobile body and drew out his silver sword. She swiftly brought it down on her toes, chopping them in half. That is why, to this day, our toes have been only half the size of our fingers. She poured the blood from her severed toes into the potion. It gave a loud pop and turned bright gold. Then all of the sudden it stilled and became as smooth as ice. The princess poured the now completed potion over Sir Henry’s body. He rose off the ground and started to glow. With a bright flash, he fell back to the ground, alive, as a fox! When he had been just a cub, an evil witch had cursed him to be human.

            He went over to the female fox and they both ran off into the trees together, as the sun shone its final rays of the day. Because of her immense vanity, the princess lost her true love, forever.


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