Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From the Weed to the Flower

 The first time I laid eyes upon you, my heart leaped. You stood out amongst the other flowers. Your rosy, delicate petals lay like a silk coat, framing you perfectly beautiful face. 

Your kind nature, always helping others, made me respect you more than ever. Your always positive attitude happily captured my heart.

In my eyes, you are a princess, caring, kind, and beautiful. And as you sit there, shining like a star, my love for you grows stronger.

It burns inside me like a fire, a fire that only you can extinguish. No riches in the world can make me happier than if you agreed to be mine.

I know I am merely a lowly weed, while you are a beautiful rose. But know this; I will love you with all my heart, and I hope, someday, you might accept me as your own.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Life is like a maze.
You have to choose your path
Carefully to reach a successful end.
If you’re not careful,
You could end up lost and stuck.
The path might not always be easy.
You might have to pass many dead-ends
 to reach the main path.
The ground might be too hard, 
or too slippery.
It might be muddy and dirty.
You might have to wander in the dark, 
or by a single candle.
But you shouldn’t give up; 
you shouldn’t stop
Because it’s too hard.
Just remember: 
the path might just as well 
be clean and easy,
If you choose wisely.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Better Life

Timothy stared out his window at the gray, dull sky outside. It looked exactly like his room, boring and lifeless. Timothy lived in the St. Angelou orphanage, where his parents had abandoned him as a baby. He did not remember anything about them, but had hated them for his whole life for abandoning him. 

He had always wished that someone would come who wanted to adopt him, but for the ten years he had been there, no one had. It made Timothy feel very unwanted and unloved. As he was once again brooding over these thoughts, the door to his room flew open.

“Hey Tim, you better get ready,” Timothy’s roommate, James, called out “Some people are here who are looking to adopt a boy!”

Timothy’s heart leaped. Even though he had always been rejected, he couldn’t help but hope each time someone came.

“I’m coming,” Timothy said, following James out.

They both got downstairs just as the head of the orphanage was arranging all the boys into a line. James and Timothy joined the end of the line, and the head went to bring in the adopting couple. Timothy thought that they didn’t really look like the type of people who would want kids. The man was big and burly, with lots of muscle and a steely glint in his eye. The woman was tall and slender, with a pretty face but a sly smile. Both looked very cunning and Timothy felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. There was something weird about these two. The head announced them as Mr. and Mrs. Valdese

As Timothy was looking at them, Mr. Valdese glanced over and caught his eye. The couple walked over to him and pulled him forward, out of line.

“What’s your name kid?” Mr. Valdese asked in a gruff voice.

“T-T-Timothy sir,” Timothy replied shakily. This man intimidated him.

“Now, dear, don’t frighten the poor kid,” Mrs. Valdese said with a breezy laugh, laying her arm on the man’s shoulder, “How old are you dear?” she asked Timothy.

“I-I just t-turned twelve,” he barely whispered.

“How tall is he?” Mr. Valdese asked the head.

The head straightened her glasses and looked down at a clipboard she was holding.

“He is now 4ft 8in,” she replied.

The couple moved on and looked over the other boys in line, asking the same questions. Finally, they looked at each other and nodded.

“I think we’ve made our choice,” Mrs. Valdese said to the head.

They all walked into the main office, and all the other boys went off to their rooms, where they would wait to see if they had been chosen. Timothy slowly started walking back to his room, knowing that he shouldn’t hope to be the one they’d chosen. He had just reached the door to his room when the head called after him. She ran up the last few steps and came to a stop next to him.

“Timothy, you’ve just been adopted!” she panted.

Timothy couldn’t believe his ears! Finally, he had been chosen to be adopted! He grabbed the bag the head was holding out and ran into his room. He grabbed his few belongings and threw them in the bag. Then he sprinted downstairs and into the main office, where the couple was waiting. 

Suddenly, he felt apprehensive. These people did not seem like they would want a son to take care of. But there was no way to get out of it, as the head came in after him and finalized everything. The couple thanked the head and walked out with Timothy following closely behind. As soon as they had gotten out and the orphanage doors had been shut behind them, both of them turned to Timothy.

“Well kid, now that you’re our ‘son’,” Mr. Valdese said, leering at Timothy “You have to do whatever we say.”

Mrs. Valdese lost the nice, friendly manner she had had inside. She laughed evilly and grabbed Timothy by the arm. She shoved him into the back of a truck and threw his bag in after him. Then she and her husband got into the front and they started driving away. Timothy looked out the window at the building that had been his home for as long as he could remember. He was off to a new life now, but wasn’t entirely sure if it was better or worse.
 After driving for a very long time, they arrived at a very old building. It was covered in moss and looked like it had been deserted for a long time. Mr. Valdese came around to the back of the truck, grabbed Timothy and yanked him inside the house quickly. Once the door had been shut, the house was very dark, the only light coming from the cracks of the shut curtains. That too would be gone soon as the sun was setting. Mrs. Valdese walked further into the house to a door. She pulled it open, revealing a small closet with a few threadbare blankets inside.

“Say hello to your new room!” Mrs. Valdese cackled.

“B-but…” Timothy started.

Mr. Valdese spun him around and smacked him across the face. Timothy staggered back, shocked.

“Rule number one in this house, you never talk back to us. You do whatever we say, whenever we say so. Got it?” Mr. Valdese thundered.

“Better sleep well tonight, you have a lot of work to do tomorrow!” Mrs. Valdese said with an evil grin.

Timothy nodded meekly and slunk into his new room. They slammed the door after him and he heard the lock click. Timothy knew it was going to be a long night.

The next morning was the first of many long, awful days for Timothy. The couple had him constantly cleaning or organizing or doing odd, seemingly useless jobs. They were constantly watching him while he did this so he couldn’t escape. Whenever he did something wrong or didn’t do it up to their standards, he got a beating from Mr. Valdese while his wife watched on and enjoyed it. His face and back were covered in painful scars and bruises. 

He only got one meal a day, and even then it was only a piece of moldy bread or half of an old apple. Every night Timothy went to bed hungry, cold, and depressed. He didn’t think he could last much longer like this. He felt like he was losing his will to live.
One night, as Timothy was trying to fall asleep, the couple came and opened his door. They yanked him out of the closet and told him to be quiet. Timothy noticed that they were dressed all in black and they were both carrying odd tools. They dragged Timothy to their truck and threw him in the back again. He wondered where they were going and why they were taking him. It became clear in a few minutes where they were headed. Mr. Valdese stopped the truck in a dark alley behind a jewelry store.  

 Suddenly, Timothy knew what was going on. He realized that these people weren’t just cruel, they were thieves! And they had adopted Timothy to use him in their crime!

“Get out, kid!” Mr. Valdese harshly whispered, “And don’t you dare make any noise if you know what’s good for you.”

Timothy was too scared to make any noise as he climbed out of the truck. The couple went to the back door of the jewelry store, disabled the alarm using the tools they had brought, and picked the lock, noiselessly pushing it open. Then they dragged Timothy forward.

“Ok kid, now listen close: you have to get in there and grab that diamond on display. It’s worth a fortune and will make us rich. You have to avoid the security beams and replace the diamond with this replica.” Mrs. Valdese held out a very real-looking diamond as she spoke, “One false move and the sirens will go off, bringing the cops. If you cause anything to happen, you will be dead long before they reach you. Got it?”

Timothy was terrified now, but nodded. He didn’t know what to do. If he set off the alarms, he would be dead but the couple would get away. If he did what they said, he’d live, but they’d still get away. Feeling awful but petrified, he slowly walked through the door. The hand holding the replica was shaking so hard, he almost dropped it. He dropped to his stomach and crawled under all the red security beams. He reached the case holding the diamond and stood up slowly. He slid his fingers under the lid and lifted it up. The diamond was enormous, glimmering in the light from the door.

“Hurry it up in there!” Mr. Valdese called from behind Timothy.

Timothy took a deep breath and lifted the replica. Quickly, he switched the replica for the real diamond. He stood there for a minute holding his breath, waiting for the sirens to go off. Nothing happened, so Timothy made his way back to the door. Mrs. Valdese grabbed the diamond from him and put it a leather pouch. Then Mr. Valdese grabbed Timothy and threw him back into the truck. They shut the door to the store and re-activated the alarm. Then they drove off.

When they got home and the door had been locked, the diamond was brought out. Both Mr. and Mrs. Valdese stared greedily at it and seemed to forget all about Timothy. He thought he may be able to get away, but just then, the couple remembered he was there and pushed him into the closet, locking the door. What they didn’t know though, was that while they were driving, Timothy had gone through their tools and grabbed their lock picking tool, hiding it in his shirt. He was counting on the diamond to distract them for long enough for him to escape. He just had to wait till they fell asleep, so he would have plenty of time to escape.

“We’ll be rich!!” Timothy heard Mrs. Valdese yell.

Timothy could hear everything they were saying from down the hall. They spent the next few hours making plans for what they would spend their money on. They made big lists of stuff they wanted, while Timothy waited and listened. Finally, they fell asleep while planning. Timothy quietly picked the lock to his closet and crept out. Down the hall, he could hear Mr. Valdese’s snores. He stole down the hall to the front door, where he slowly unlocked it, checking over his shoulder every few seconds. Just as he had opened the door a crack, he heard a yell behind him.

“He’s getting away!” Mr. Valdese thundered as he ran down the hall towards Timothy.

Timothy flew out the door and down the street, with Mr. Valdese on his heels. Luckily, it was still very dark out, so Timothy was able to run into an alley and hide behind a dumpster without Mr. Valdese knowing. He sat very quietly for a long time, waiting for the coast to be clear. But he was very exhausted, and before he knew it, he had fallen asleep.
 When Timothy woke up, it was daylight outside, and there were people walking about. Timothy came out from behind the dumpster and peeked out. The Valdeses were nowhere in sight. He came out onto the street and tried to figure out what he had to do. He decided he should get as far away from the couple’s house as he could. He started walking down the street. Everyone seemed to be talking about one thing only: the missing diamond! Timothy knew what the right choice was.

He walked down the street till he reached the police station. As he stood on the steps, he hesitated for a moment. What if they didn’t believe him? What would happen then? And what if they put him in jail too for helping, however unwillingly he had done so? But, he decided, it didn’t matter if he was put in jail, as long as the couple was brought to justice. He walked through the doors and up to the chief, Chief Jim Roberts.

“Hey, what are you doing in here,” said one of the cops, “get out you filthy street urchin.”

Timothy had completely forgotten about how awful and poor he must look.

“Hold on, let the kid talk,” the chief said kindly, “Do you have something to tell us?”

Timothy hesitated once more, but with an encouraging look from the chief, he blurted out, “I know who stole the diamond.”

Everyone looked very shocked at this.

“How on earth do you know this?” Chief Jim asked.

“Well… it’s because I was the one who stole it,” Timothy said as everyone gasped, “But I was forced to against my will.”

Then Timothy poured out his entire story, from the couple adopting him, to them abusing him, and finally to them forcing him to steal.

“Last night I escaped from them and now I’m here.” He finished as the chief came around his desk to face Timothy.

 “Can you show us where their house is?” he asked Timothy.

Timothy nodded and they all got into the police cars. They got to the couple’s house just as they were leaving. At the sight of the police, they tried to bolt to their truck, but were not fast enough, and they got surrounded. After they were searched along with the house, the diamond came out and was returned to the jeweler, who had been called to come out. Mr. and Mrs. Valdese were arrested for both robbery and child cruelty, and Timothy was now a hero. He would not have to face any punishment.

Then, in the middle of his happiness, something occurred to Timothy. His smile faded as he turned to the chief, “Does this mean I have to go back to the orphanage now?”

Chief Jim considered this for a long time before he answered. “Well...” he started, “My wife Maya and I have been thinking about adopting a child, so…”

Timothy’s heart leapt. Was the chief saying what Timothy thought he was saying? “You mean you want to adopt me?” he gasped.

“I sure do!” Chief Jim replied, “You could become Timothy Roberts, if you wanted to that is.”

As an answer, Timothy leaped into the chief’s arms and hugged him tight. Timothy was finally going to get what he always wanted, a real family. Everything that had happened to him no longer mattered, because from now on, his life was going to change, and he knew it would be better.