Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Freedom is being able to choose what you want to do. You can say what you want to. You can think what you want to. Freedom is being able to choose what to wear, when to play, and when to rest. Freedom is having the right to go to school, to choose your own career, to shape your own life the way you want to. Freedom is getting a chance to fight for what you believe in. Freedom is not being caged up, not being put on display, not having to work for your life. To have equal rights between boy and girl, man and woman, human and wild animal. Be born free, live free, die free, that's what freedom means. Freedom. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Secret Shortcut

“Go to your desks,” yelled Mr. Jasper. 

Ginger Snap and Cristina Blakes dragged themselves to their desks.

“It’s not fair,” complained Cristina as they sat down, “Mr. J never believes us. If we hadn’t been attacked by mutant alligators, we would have been on time.”

“Yea, but seriously Crissy, we have to think of some way to get to school on time.” Replied Ginger “Eureka I’ve got it, come to my house at 5a.m. tomorrow morning.”

The next morning, Crissy was the first one up in her house. She got dressed, ate a banana and rushed out the door, while grabbing some money for school lunch. She left a note telling her mom that she was leaving early. When she got to Ginger’s house, her mom answered the door and told her that ginger was still asleep.

“I’ll just go wake her up,” offered Mrs. Snap.

When Ginger got to the door, she was a mess. Her hair was sticking out all over her head and she had dried up drool on her chin. And she was still in her Bugs Bunny pj’s.

“Why did you come so early?” she questioned. Her voice was sleepy and she had horrible morning breath.

“Did you forget? You told me to come so we could get to school on time!” said Crissy.
      “Oh ya, I almost forgot. Stay right here, I’ll be right back.”

Ginger quickly washed her face, changed out of her pj’s, and grabbed her backpack and an apple. Then she ran outside to where Crissy was still waiting.

“OK, let’s go. I know a way that will get us to school early.” Ginger said. Her voice was still a little heavy with sleep.

“How can we get to school earlier?” asked Crissy.

Ginger looked around mysteriously. Then she whispered,

“I know a secret shortcut that no one else in the world knows about. You’re the only person other than me that will know.”

“Cool!” yelled Crissy.

“Shhhh, don’t let anyone hear you. It’s supposed to be a s-e-c-r-e-t- shortcut.” Ginger whispered frantically.

“Sorry,” whispered Crissy.

“OK, now just follow me and I’ll show you the path,” replied Ginger.

She crossed the street, leapt over the neighbor’s yard, ran across a field, sprinted though the woods on the other side, and finally stopped at a large meadow.  Crissy caught up to her after a while, panting and trying to catch her breath.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“In the meadow of dreams” replied Ginger in a shaky voice. She looked petrified

“If it’s the meadow of dreams, then why does it look so … so...”

“Horrible,” Ginger finished her sentence for her, “Because long ago, someone killed an innocent person in this meadow and it’s said that his ghost still haunts the meadow.” She finished in a small voice.

“Let’s get out of here, and fast.” Cried Crissy as she grabbed Ginger’s arm and started running.

But, just as they were about to leave, they heard a voice. Ginger gave out a bloodcurdling scream. Crissy turned around. She tried to scream but no sound came out. There in front of them hovered a six foot tall young man wearing rags with a knife protruding from his chest. Ginger was the first to react. She grabbed Crissy’s hand and half pulled-half carried her out of the meadow. She didn’t stop running until she reached a big wide river with rushing rapids. By this time, Crissy had regained her senses and was staring at the river with Ginger.

“How are we going to get across?” asked Crissy.

Ginger pointed to a small little rope bridge which looked like it would fall with a slight breeze. The girls had no choice though. They had to either cross the bridge, or go back home, which meant going past the ghost again. Both girls started walking toward the bridge. They carefully stepped on it, one at a time, and started walking toward the other side. They were proceeding slowly but carefully. After a few minutes, they reached the other side. Then they both started picking their way through the dense forest beyond.

Soon, it started getting hot. It got hotter and hotter still. Then, the girls found out why it was so hot all of a sudden. In front of them was a sea of geysers, all spewing scalding hot water. The girls had to jump over and around the geysers. But if they weren’t careful, they could get their skin burned off.

“Ahhhhhhhh,”   screamed Crissy as she just escaped a sudden burst from a geyser.

Even if the girls didn’t get hit by the geysers, the moisture in the air made their clothes and hair damp.
“OMG, I look horrible,” complained Crissy.

“I do too but we can’t worry about that right now, we have to get to school on time.” Replied Ginger.

Both girls hurried but couldn’t go very fast because their wet clothing stuck to their skin, making it very uncomfortable. After a while, Ginger and Crissy came to two small dirt paths. One led to a bunny farm, the other led to meadow.

Gingers eyes widened.

“Uh oh” said Crissy.

She knew for a fact that Ginger absolutely adored bunnies. They were her favorite animals. Ginger broke into a run with Crissy running after her.

“Ginger, we can’t stop at the bunny farm, we have to get to school. GINGER!!” screamed Crissy.
But Ginger was too far away to hear. She had stopped at the end of the path and was staring at the bunnies.

Crissy caught up to her and grabbed her arm. As she was pulling her away, the farmer who owned the farm came up to them.

“Well, ‘ello there, I can see you like bunnies. ‘Ow would you like to my helpers for the day?”

“Yes yes yes yes!!!!” Screamed Ginger while jumping up and down.

“No thanks,” Said Crissy as she struggled to hold on to Ginger. “We have to get to school, now-come-on-Ginger.”

She got Ginger to finally budge and they hurried to the end of the path and onto the other path. As they reached the meadow, they heard the faint sound of bells. They thought they were close to school. They hurried across the meadow and over a fence at the other side. Turns out it wasn’t school bells they were hearing, they were church bells. It was a huge church that seemed to stretch on forever on both sides.

“Wow,” Whispered Crissy in awe, “I’ve never seen anything so huge,”

“Me neither, but we have to get past it if we want to get to school on time.” Said Ginger.

“It would take way too long to go around it, the only way to get past it, it through it.”

“How can we go inside a church looking like this?” questioned Ginger looking distastefully at her wrinkled and stiff clothes.

“We’ll just have to run through and ask god to forgive us later.” Decided Crissy, “OK, now on the count of three, let’s run, one, two, three,”

Both girls took off running. Little did they know that there was a wedding going on inside. As they ran through, they upset tables with food and knocked into people. In their rush to get out, they knocked into a table holding the wedding cake. The cake splattered all over everything, including the girls. They heard people yelling and screaming at them. As they ran past, they noticed the bride had fainted and the groom was sobbing. They were so relieved when they reached the exit.

“I can’t believe we just crashed a wedding.” Sighed Ginger.

“If my mom knew, I’d be grounded for eternity!” Cried Crissy “uggg, I’m all covered with cake.”

“Hey look, I think I can see our school!” cried Ginger in excitement.

“Ya I can see it too,” agreed Crissy.

The school building was slightly visible in the distance. The school bells were ringing.

“Come on, we gotta’ go” Said Crissy as she started to run.

Both girls ran inside the classroom just as the last bell rang.

“Well you made it on time for once this school year,” Remarked Mr. Jasper, “but both of you are complete messes. Did you run into a cake or something?”

“Well…” started Ginger.

"Really, how did your mother’s let you come like this?”

As Mr. Jasper was giving Ginger and Crissy a lecture about personal hygiene, the principal walked in.

“What’s going on in here,” He demanded.

“Um... Mr. Parry, uhh,” Stuttered Mr. Jasper

“Mr. Jasper, is this how you treat your kids?” Mr. Parry pointing at Ginger and Crissy. “Mr. Jasper, I’m giving you a warning, if you don’t treat your kids nicer, you’re fired!!”

With that he stomped out of the room.

“Hey Ginger,” whispered Crissy as they sat down at their desks. “I just thought of something.”

“Yea,” answered Ginger, “what?”

“From now on, we have to get to school on time everyday!!!”

Both girls slumped down in their chairs with the thought of it. But they both decided on one thing, they were never using the secret shortcut ever again.

The End